gastropod call - BIG BANK GOING DOWN SOON!

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  1. You heard it hear first - your "ET, gastropod news network" (LOL!!!) A BIG bank will soon be going "bye bye" As much as the assh0le Federal Reserve can try to hide the EXACT "playa" somebody (or at least most likely a single "playa" is in HUGE trouble.) "Somebody - the "dead bank walkin' " is tapin' the secondary window in a rather LARGE way!!! Searchin' the Federal Reserve's own site - we have NEVER seen the secondary window tapped this much (at least in a LONG time)... THIS IN SPITE OF TARP, TALF, PPIP, TLSF (FILL IN YOUR FED. ANAL SALVE OF CHOICE ACRONYM HERE) here is the call for ya'
    scroll down to table "1a"
    - today's release August 13, 2009

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    Are you referring to the ~$500m in secondary borrowings?
    Doesnt seem much
  3. Please take a look at the historical...especially as of within the last few years. We have had every alphabet soup program to rescue the asses of the banks, so that they don't have to "suffer the stigma" of hitting the secondary window. We have seen the Fed. give us TARP, Term Auction Facility, blah, blah blah ad infinitum of avoid the "secondary" window...somebody (or at least my guess is a single entity) has just tapped it to the tune of a half spite of the alphabet soup!!!! Are you saying the alphabet soup has NOT helped. Don't become jaded over a "mere" half-billion - that is STILL like 17,500 jobs for a year or thousands of mortgages. The Fed has NOT surfed in the turf of a half billion in secondary window borrowings - at least not since the beginning of this recession...and I looked a bit further back to 2003 - nope!

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    Or maybe bill gates just had an overdraft. $500m in this financial world doesnt look much
  5. SECONDARY WINDOW.....REPEAT SECONDARY WINDOW! This is less than the pawn shop of the financial community. Whoever needed this $500 million did NOT have the collateral to make the PRIMARY window! At the primary...or Term Auction Facility...or whatever...they could have used dang near crap as collateral to get an "advance" from the Fed. - this entity does not even have CRAP to get a sweetheart deal from the Fed.

  6. He might be right about this.
    Slim chance, but it bears watching.
  7. That is a significantly bigger number than we have seen in quite some time. Something is going down soon. LC will get another LDD.

    Imagine if you can leverage that 100x. Maybe Soros is levering up to break the dollar?
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    bad assets just means bad loans...the borrower ain't returning the money..the borrower is broke.

    bankers forgot the banking is a profession that requires due diligence in lending not rubber stamping loans based on computer models.

  9. Unless I'm missing something, we're not talking about an FDIC-insured member of the Federal Reserve. To quote:


    So, all discount window loans are fully secured, first of all, and second of all, whoever borrowed that half a bil is not a member of the Federal Reserve, at the minimum, which means it's not a really big bank.
    Someone's in trouble, it seems, but on the evidence, it's probably not someone who'd cause a lot of trouble by going down.
    Although, life is full of surprises.