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  1. I observe Stealthgas Inc. symbol GASS trading at a high record price yesterday. GASS stock price history is about 18 months. Price shows a trading range over the 18 month period from $ 10.80 / share to $ 14.80 / share. Google finance reports a high growth rate for Stealthgas Inc. Google reports revenue growth from approximately $ 8 million about December 2004 to approximately $ 82 million December 2006. Google finance reports similar magnitude growth of net income and equity. is reporting GASS yield 5.12 %.

    Yahoo reports the company seaborne transports liquid fuel gas to customers in Greece.

    I do not own the stock.
  2. I see this baby coming down to 12-13 in the next month.
  3. It's a shipper of LNG

    Take a look at what its competitors are doing on the charts.

    It's the industry, not the company. Shippers have its own set of whacky dynamics, maybe someone on ET has industry experience and can enlighten us.