Gasparino- What a F-ing Douchebag

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Clubber Lang, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Why does he always need to insult everyone on CNBC?

    His comments to Liesman were totally uncalled for.

    He insults everyone and sits there with a smug little grin on his face. Can't believe someone hasn't knocked him out on air yet.
  2. Maybe that is what the producers want...:eek:
  3. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry...
  4. Lucrum


    Well they are catering to the easily amused sheeple that watch shows like Cramer. So having drama queens for "reporters" does make sense.
  5. Leisman is the biggest Lib syncophant on CNBC and I'm glad Gasbagarino took him to task. Leisman holds himself out as an economic expert, yet holds a journalism degree from University of Buffalo. He knows NOTHING, does no research, and merely repeats the talking points of his Lib pals. Total jerkoff. I picture him wearing his gimp outfit as guys like santelli, kudlow et al humiliate him on a daily basis.

    p.s. Gasbagarino sucks too, but only slightly less than Leisman.