Gasparino Strikes Again!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Landis82, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. A nice 7 handle pop in the S&P
  2. they using him so smart, every time market about to go down hard, this asshole shows up with his AAA horse shit
  3. I would think it's easy money by now, he gets a nice 8 second intro before his mouth even opens.

    Good for cleaning out the weak shorts if anything.
  4. bonds


    what was the news?
  5. Haha, i like the way you think.

    Gasparino is my hero
  6. i mean this is absurd (not that they got me with this move ) but how many times we will go up on same BS.
  7. It is absurd that this market loves to hear about the AAA garbage, like it matters. Its all semantics, like anyone can trust those clowns at S&P and Moodys.

    edit: how worthless is this news about banks that need the insurance on their bonds bailing out the insurers to keep the AAA rating? Its all a ratings game, like AAA can really be trusted anymore.
  8. samus


    I suppose he fancies himself the puppeteer...
  9. Yesterday on CNBC they were all congratulating him on moving the market Friday before the S&P imploded. No chit.
  10. At the very least, the SPX is making a "measured-move" to 1440 SPX. That is where this"C" wave will equal the last "A" wave. Fibonacci multiples could even take you as high as 1490 and 1520 SPX and still be in a "corrective" structure.

    See chart.
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