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  1. That guy is a disaster. Does he ever STFU?

    You can tell even his co-workers despise him.
  2. I assume you were just watching his debauchery of the Spitzer story. LOL funniest thing i've seen on CNBC in a while.
  3. You could see the anger on the faces of Haynes and Ratigan everytime they tried to talk and he just kept interrupting.

    He has no business on t.v.

    Total D-Bag.
  4. I too could see their pain. I felt it too.
  5. This is too f****ed up. These morons are out of control on this. This Gaspain is going to get his ass kicked. He was insinuating one of the other guys on the show maybe on the list. We know who Spitzer is, but this is out of control for a supposed business channel. They are following the guy in a helicopter! GET A F***ING LIFE! Have never written to a news station, but I am today.
  6. CNBC blows. is this new?
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    they all fight like little bitches...
  8. Spitzer's prostitution doesn't make
    the people he prosecuted innocent.

    I applaud Spitzer's fighting corruption.

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    ratigan is JUST AS BAD when it comes to shouting over the next guy. Already sent a complaint to CNBC about it, but odds are it's probably the same people who work as online editors at
  10. najaian is annoying because all he does is look at options activity and none of his brilliant options revelations actually work.
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