Gasparino is disgusting

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  1. Don't you think it's a little unkind to gloat over Spitzer's failure?
  2. Spitzer's failure? You mean the fact that he has been whoring around for possibly 10 years and now has been caught committing multiple felonies in pursuit of tail? If he had continued at this endeavor and was not caught would that have been consider a "success" by your standards. I'm no fan of Gasparino but not feeling any sympathy for Spitzer either.
  3. It seems that Spitzer has made a lot of enemies these years including you.

    I thought fighting corruption was good for
    small investors/traders like me.

  4. Spitzer wasn't pursuing those investigations to help average investors, it was only pure ambition to move up the ladder that drove him. I guess you think the SEC is looking out for you also right? Yeah, he did clean up some stuff but the way he went about it and the tactics he used was very heavy handed. I like the saying about those who you step on to get up the ladder you will see again on the way back down. Payback can be a bitch sometimes.
  5. Totally,Spitzer is a total hypocrite
  6. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    If you can't couple true leadership with true integrity, then leadership fails.
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    No, the guy was a bully.

    He brow beat firms into making financial settlements to avoid protracted legal fights. While his intentions "may" have been magnanimous his methods in destroying the reputations and lives of people for the sole purpose of boosting his press coverage was scumbag'ish to say the least. The one person who decided to fight his charges rather than settle to avoid the bad press was exonerated. I think it was a guy from BoA, but I am sure someone can correct me if I am wrong.

    His behavior toward Wall Street, portraying all of us (yes, you included since you obviously are a trader and hope to make or already have made your fortune) as the evil rich taking advantage of the poor victims of this country is an unjust characterization. He played the old class warfare charges that has been the canard of the left in this country since forever.

    The sad part is because of his behavior an escort agency was targeted that may have not otherwise been noticed. Now all these young ladies are out of jobs!
  8. :D that is pretty funny. nice one.
  9. No if they use a good 'HeadHunter' and if they give a great oral interview... i am sure they will get a lot more work...

    not to worry... :D
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    Thx. I try.

    Not at their rates they won't.
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