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    isnt it rather odd that gasoline futures went down much more for october than december and january?

    hhhhhhmmmmm, maybe there IS something to the election and prices

    anyone think gasoline is bottoming?

    i waddled into a couple of long jan gasoline contracts today, feels kinda weird hoping it goes up

    (reminds me of a sienfeld rountine years ago, where he talked about nature shows, how you'd cheer for whatever animal was featured - if it was a show about antilopes, you'd boo the lions, but if it were a show about lions, you'd cheer them, and hope they get the antilope - that mindset really applies to trading)
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    10 weeks straight down, you'd think there'd be a bounce
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    and here is is


    gasoline to the moon!

    only the rich, affording mopeds!

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    seriously, anyone think this has temporarely bottommed?

    lotta money to be made on futures if it is
  5. Its at support but may not bounce till after elections.
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    surpisingly, december gasoline futures HU didnt go up as much as oct/nov yesterday, and the spread is only about 5 cents, if this were truely rigged for elections it could be as much as 50 cents

    you'd think you'd see the post election futures climbing

    i'm not argueing agaisnt you as i was playing all of them
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    where'd you get that chart?
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    weeeeeell, it's either double bottoming

    or crashing

    any thoughts?
  9. I heard that Goldman is still unloading his gasoline contracts, around $6 bil in total.

    I don't think anyone is willing to get in front of that train.

    Sholud be over in mid October.

    My $0.02
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    checkout VLO's chart today

    gasoline futures bounced too

    any thoughts?

    double bottom?
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