Gasoline Prices Are Not Rising, the Dollar Is Falling

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    A little about me, I started trading in early 1990s, currently I trade oil dollar bonds and few home stocks
    This article peeked my interest because it is congruent with my own analysis of prices./

    Panic is in the air as gasoline prices move above $4.00 per gallon. Politicians and pundits are rounding up the usual suspects, looking for someone or something to blame for this latest outrage to middle class family budgets. In a rare display of bipartisanship, President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner are both wringing their hands over the prospect of seeing their newly extended Social Security tax cut gobbled up by rising gasoline costs.

    Unfortunately, the talking heads that are trying to explain the reasons for high oil prices are missing one tiny detail. Oil prices aren’t high right now. In fact, they are unusually low. Gasoline prices would have to rise by another $0.65 to $0.75 per gallon from where they are now just to be “normal”. And, because gasoline prices are low right now, it is very likely that they are going to go up more—perhaps a lot more.
  2. Keep in mind FED is not including price of food and oil in inflation calculations.
    And if you are of mistrustful nature you would assume this is intentional. Does anyone else agree or disagree.
  3. Not this discussion again...
  4. 1) The word you were looking for was "piqued". :eek:
    2) To peek is something you do with your eyes. :cool:
    3) If you want to cure someone of insomnia, talk to them about currency devaluation. :)
  5. What? You're saying... "The Fed and The Government distort, exaggerate, even LIE TO THE PEOPLE?"

    What kind of Commie are you?
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  7. Thanks for making me laugh, good one :)
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    Are you high school student / teenager/ or construction worker/plumber
    Do you have any financial experience or knowledge?

    Please read this article

    Will Fed push oil to $200 a barrel?
    Bernanke seems intent on yet another round of stimulus, long after it will do any good. That will open the door to inflation -- and within a few years, $7-a-gallon gas.
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    Filled up my car today, a little less than a quarter, cost over $50.00 or nearly $4.20 a gallon!!!

    I cant wait till it gets to $4.50....

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  10. You are arrogant and probably a know-it-all/ass hole in real life.

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