Gasoline making it's move 10-26-07

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  1. Finally gasoline is catching up with crude. Holding gasoline down has kept the masses from rising up, even as crude has bound upward. Well I suspect the pump prices to finally start rising just in time for the holidays.
  2. Gasoline is still way way behind. crack spread is 3.345 on Nov rb against Dec crude.

    At a $18 spread though, with 91.50 oil, wholesale would be 2.60. Thats about 20c above all time highs (avg 4.00 gasoline probably). At the historic $37 spread we reached, $3.10 wholesale gasoline is the price. $4.50 gasoline. If oil doesn't collapse, we will see those prices.
  3. If my figures are correct, I have the 3-2-1 Crack Spread at $5.70

    The REFINERS got to be dying with those kinds of numbers!
  4. DrAtomic


    So how do I make a killing in the next 2 months?
  5. Short oil / long heating oil, wholesale gas?

    Or that might make you broke. I dunno. I only play with crude futures from time to time, but the above seems somewhat logical. (hopefully).
  6. Actually is less than that.


    and this is the CLZ8/CLF8 spread (crude oil)


    In the past 2 weeks, This spread has been trading between .90 and 1.40 while the outright crude got like 10 dollar spike.
  7. They had to get the Consumer Sentiment numbers out of the way first.