Gas... Yes Gas and Religion

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  1. I'll start off by saying I believe in "God" but do not submit myself to any religion whatsoever.

    So heres why I'm giving this post. I believe that the majority of Christians and other religious folks claim to be so "Godly" but when it comes down to it, its all just a fake front. The majority would steal, hurt and kill to get what they want.

    Read this article:;_ylt=AldMMB8JPYEvRrHcrO5W2zLtiBIF

    Personally myself, I would never do that. Its a screw up. And to take advantage of that just isn't cool. But statistically speaking 75% of those 40 people are christian. So 30 "Christian" or "Godly" people sinned... just to save a buck or two. And at the end of the day when I tell them I don't believe in "Jesus", they say I need to be saved.

    When it comes down to it, the majority of religious people are hipocritcal

    Just needed to get that all off my mind.
  2. Flies are attracted to feces. If you only study feces you will only encounter flies. You can only correlate with what you know and bring to the table. Keep thinking.
  3. Mercor


    It may be a stunt.
    Here is the owners ,lighthearted comment ," "Everything was crowded; it was like a fairground."Raval said.

    Lets blame Bush for the decay of morals. If only the world liked us better.
  4. Why pick on christians. Why not republicans versus democrats or whites versus blacks or blue collar versus white collar?
  5. I'm a Bible reader. I would have to weigh my priorities, duty to family, duty to the Gas station owner... so I fill up both tanks on the pickup plus a gas can, then I go home and inform the gas station via a phone call that they have a problem :)
  6. It's easier to ask God for forgiveness than to pray for cheap gas.:D