Gas true cost $.65 gal wholesale 6/10/08

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  1. Got this report 3rd hand from a gasoline wholesaler that owns over 100 stations and sells retail at US inflated prices over $4.20 per gallon.

    Simply put, he imports Kuwaiti refined gasoline, pays the transit / import fees and sells retail in US at the US inflated prices.

    He does not purchase from the Exxon / Mobil / US refineries price, for which they are paying $11 bbl/US wholesale prices and charging these (lying) inflated prices at the pump of $138 bbl/$US.


    the world continues to laugh at the US doing it to itself.

    meantime, they too are benefitting from the huge price spread and getting filthy rich along with these other American companies who are bankrupting and gouging prices on everyone here.

    not my words....
  2. You are pretty dumb if you believe that you can buy gasoline in the US for 65c.
  3. what your friend is doing is rather unique.
    I recently heard a news report on gasoline stations. They said that gas stations make very little on the sale of gasoline....a few pennies profit per gallon which barely covers expenses. They said that any profit they make comes from the sale of convenience goods at gas station/convenience store..... Cigarettes, beer, soda, candy, donuts etc......
    I believe the report was on Bloomberg of the news channels.
  4. I know a guy very well that owns a gas station and he said the same thing. People have to go in and buy the overpriced junk to make up for the gas, with merchant fees so high on credit cards a couple gas stations have went to "cash only" in my area.
  5. Who sells oil for $11 bbl/US wholesale? I'll double the price and pay those fools $22 bbl/US wholesale.
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    Just because they aren't your words doesn't mean that you aren't stupid for repeating them.

    Why would a Kuwaiti export gas at $0.65/gallon when the market price is much higher?

    Use your brain.
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    as i undestand, he owns gas stations here, good connections in kuwait,where he can buy cheap gas. why not to resell it in US @ X3-4 times? not a bad idea imo.

    US cars cost in russia X2. why there is used car dealerships in us still in business,when they all can make X2 over there?
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    Is this a joke?
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    If you read your email, you'll find some people that need some help moving money around and are willing to give a small chunk of a huge amount of money to you for your help. Pretty nice deal, you should look into it.
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    Why isnt everyone doing it then? I guess no one else likes easy money?

    Because they can't. Let me know how much it costs to take a car from the US and sell it in Russia. I like how you threw-up that strawman, BTW, and then ask me to tear it down for you.

    Look the cost of gasoline is well defined - there is no mystery here (Example: The vast majority of the cost is the based on the price of oil - period.

    If Kuwait is selling subsidized gasoline then I'm pretty sure the gov't does not condone exporting it and reselling it for a profit elsewhere.

    If "some guy" is allegedly (third-hand story) doing it using his connections then he is pulling a fast one. What does that have to do with anything? The title of this thread is wrong, gas does not cost $0.65 wholesale.

    If it were legal/unrestricted then there would be tankers loading up at Kuwait with cheap gasoline and bringing it back to the US to be sold at a profit.
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