Gas tax probably needs to go up

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  1. When gas was 79 cents, the gas tax was about 30 cents or so. Gas is now $4.08 and I think the tax is still around 30 cents. It probably should go up to pay for transportation infrastructure.

    On other note,

    The roads are still too fucking crowded. My time lost in traffic is worth far more than the current cost of gas. I want gas to get high enough so traffic, even during rush hour, becomes a thing of the past. I'm telling ya the feds should lug another $1 on gas then use the money to invest in mass transit so all these fucking losers get off the roads and into buses, streetcars, and trains. Too many fucking idiots in this country think they are entitled to everything for free.
  2. You're pretty funny,

    You could pick up three or for of your fellow commuters and offer to drive them to work, this would get a few cars off the road. Or, since the $1 pg tax wouldn't be a burden for you, you might consider paying a few fellow commuters that you share the road with to take an alternate route.

    Imo, it's the damn buses that slow down the commute with all this stop and go bs.
  3. Make it as high as it needs to be to eliminate ALL income, social security, medicare, and corporate profit taxes, and balance the budget.

    Call it a global warming tax or something so the sheep will like it
  4. So, what will you tell the poor people driving clunkers with bald tires who can't get to work to feed their kids? How about:

    "Sir, put DOWN that gun".
  5. "senor, dos mas pesos, por favor"
  6. In Colorado there is a pending resolution...

    1. Raise the gas tax

    2. Stop the legislature from pilfering the gasoline tax revenues for "other expenditures"

    That is... some of the gasoline tax money is used for "other departments" rather than the establishment and maintenance of roads.. and we have to bitch about potholes and roads in poor condition?

    Same as at the federal. All politicians are liars and thieves... makes me want to rip off their heads and PUKE down their necks.. :mad:
  7. #2 does not require new legislation,

    its regrettable, it wasn't being used for purposes intended all along
  8. No, it's not "legislation"... just something in writing which prohibits thieving across programs. You know, like Congress did/does to the Social Security deposits?
  9. I'd tell him to live near where he fucking works. If he can't afford the 50 mile commute to work. Move. I'll gladly put abullet in his head if he starts to reach for his gun.
  10. Driving is a privalge, not a right. If you cannot afford a lifestyle with a car make the nessesary life changes so you do not need to use a car that often. Fuck $4 gas.... Bring on $8. That should cause these scum sucker Americans who think they are entitled to everything.
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