Gas prices set a new record high at $3.978 a gallon

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    26 times in 27 days gas has set a record high, this is just incredible.
    Gas prices set a new record high at $3.978 a gallon - AAA
    Tuesday June 3, 11:11 am ET
    By Catherine Clifford, staff writer

    Retail gas prices set a record high for the 26th time in the past 27 days, motorist group AAA's Web site showed Tuesday.

    AAA reports the national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline rose to $3.978. That was up 0.3 cent from the $3.975 mark set Sunday and matched Monday, the first time pump prices didn't rise since May 7.

    The AAA survey shows gas prices are up 10% from a month ago and almost 26% higher from year-ago levels.

    This record runup of prices at the pump is happening at the start of the summer driving season, which unofficially began over Memorial Day.

    The average price for gas has passed the $4 a gallon mark in 12 states, as well as in Washington, D.C. Those states where gas has already passed the $4 threshold are as follows: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, and West Virginia.

    The most expensive state for buying gas is California, where a gallon of regular unleaded costs an average of $4.274, according to AAA. The second most expensive state is Connecticut, where a gallon of gas costs $4.260.

    The least expensive state for purchasing gas is South Carolina, where a gallon costs $3.795 a gallon on average. The second least expensive state for gas is Missouri, where a gallon runs $3.80 a gallon.

    Gas prices have been pushed to record levels in the past year on the back of record oil prices. As the price of crude oil has more than doubled, gas prices have increased by almost a quarter.
  2. Regular just hit $4.60 gal; Prem. $4.80 gal here in N. CA. :eek:

    We hold our hands up in the air here when filling up.......just like getting robbed. :mad:
  3. this would be a good time for Bush-II to show his leadership....

    since it seems anyone complaining about the economic impact and destruction of life as most Americans know it, due to the unfettered rise in the price of oil, and how it is causing people on the ground to rethink everything about their ways of life, whether being a soccer mom and taking a trip to the grocery all the way to whether or not the police / fire trucks will roll on emergencies....

    since anyone complaining of pointing out the negetive deliterious effects is being smeared with some socialist, communist name calling by those in support of these conditions,

    then, a simple solution would be for Geo Bush II to show his commanding, authoritative leadership and get out in front of this "thing"

    hey, after all, isn't he an Oil Man?
    hey, after all, isn't this what these last 8 years were all about anyway?

    hey, after all, with stocks going up, oil going up, with stocks going down, oil going up,

    hey, after all, isn't this what the Texas Delegation has wanted all along?
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    Paid $4.37 two nights ago.
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    My bet is...we will see $4.99 ( for the premium grade) in New York this weekend...Thank god I decieded not to upgrade to crossover last year...