Gas Prices 1.61 in Oklahoma!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Independence, OK has about 9 gas stations that are selling gas at 1.61 per gallon. Cheapest gas in the U.S.

    Still 2.23 per gallon here by my house in Northern CA, although i know there are a few stations a little out of my way that are as low as 2.15.

    So finally...gasoline is now cheaper than bottled water so no need to start figuring out how to make cars that run on water, right?

    And we definately dont want to figure out how to make cars that run on Coffee, because if you do the math...a gallon of coffee from starbucks will run you about 25-30 bucks a gallon.
  2. 2.19 - 2.39 here in Northern Va. One closest from my home is 2.39 and they suck!
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    1.77 here
  4. 1.70 at the cheapest station in the region, 30 miles away.
  5. Isn't it amazing what happens when the Federal Reserve looses complete control of the economy? If King Henry and Bernankrupt had their way, everybody but the little guy would be getting their own printing press. Instead banks are afraid to loan money, so the dollar is having a massive rally. Credit crunch: bad for the Man, good for you. Let's keep it going.
  6. Is this going to slow sales of small cars.

    Does this mean GM takes the Goverment bailout to build the largest SUV in history.
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    Tap water is pretty cheap.
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    Gas is 1.88 here in southern Indiana
  9. Bet Boone Pickens hates to see this...
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