Gas price rises - where's the REAL debate??

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  1. Whenever gas prices rise, you can be certain of a few things:

    You'll see some lonely AAA spokesperson say "it is an unfortunate situation" (what else would they say?)

    The consumer groups with nothing better to do start complaining about big oil.

    The State Attorney generals start to look into "price gouging".

    People pay higher prices but don't really think about the real cause.

    Maybe Big Oil is ripping us off. But the real debate never gets discussed. Namely, we consumer a heck of alot more oil than we produce. We drive around mini Tanks (i.e. Hummers and Big ass Cadillac Escalades). Those are cool cars, but can you really have one without the other? Can you have these monstrosities on the road that are un needed AND have low gas prices from now until infinity? Of course not.

    We actually have low gas prices compared to most other industrialized countries. The real debate happens when Detroit and the politicians discuss how we can reduce our dependence on oil. Stand up to the Detroit lobby, let them make their profits from something else besides SUV's and let's lower our dependence on foreign oil.
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    Just think, part of that fat check you send to the feds each year goes to subsidize the oil companies, just like tobacco.

  3. Funny how gas prices managed to spike right before Labor Day weekend.
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    MrDinky chose his name well. Grade school sir. The reason the big and small oil companies are subsidized is because they are taking huge risks with huge capital to provide something we all need. Sort of like a real market. We overconsume. They produce well, but are challenged not only by the daunting task of exploration and production but also by government restrictions, price fixing, foreign influence and fools like you. The US is so wise. The subsidization so balanced.:(
  5. Hawaii and California go back and forth with the highest prices in the nation.

    How is this possible?

    Although I think we're being gouged over here in da islands, one does have to consider the fact that we're a tad isolated at 2000 + miles away from land and we have to import our fuel via ship.

    How is it that California prices are costlier than ours?
  6. It has been said that the blackout in the Northeast have caused some delays by the refineries to keep production at full capacity. I believe the news have cited the fact that there has been sabatoge at the Iraqi oil wells over the past week. There's no hard proof of gouging although jumping to that conclusion is understandable.
  7. fuck SUVs.

    i drove a honda accord off road for about 5,000 miles one year thru the four corners region of the USA and soCal (mixed in, of course, was another 20k of highway miles) and I never got stuck once. thru mud, snow, shitty dirt roads, etc...the car was fully loaded with gear, too...

    most SUV driving assholes never take them off road once. what a waste.

    it's a sick culture we live in. people care more about their own comfort level than anything else.

    i say fuck em.
  8. I don't know why Cali has always got the highest gas prices. I was paying $2.17 a gallon for regular about 2 weeks ago here.

    If Cali wants to solve thier deficit problem, heres my suggestion:

    Tax SUV's an extra $5 grand. 30 million people in the state, lets assume 30 million cars. Aren't half of all car sales trucks and SUV's now? Let's be conservative and say 20% of all Cali cars on the road are unneeded SUV's. 6 million X $5 k a pop = $30 billion in extra revenue!!
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    I drive a Subaru -- same experience, different place. I really don't know why I'm on this thread again. Except to say yes to you. You others, do you drive? FOLLOW MARKETS? READ ANNUAL REPORTS? KNOW THE FACTS ABOUT R/R IN THE OIL BUSINESS?
    Are you delirious? If what you print is what you believe, GOD HELP YOU. You are on a site dedicated to free enterprise. Maybe you belong elsewhere.
  10. Amen to that, brothers!!

    Let's not forget a higher incidence of background cancers from all the extra pollution that these wheeled pieces of shit are producing.

    Why the fuck should I have to breathe dirtier air???

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