Gas out of gas?

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  1. Gas broke out of its down trend and is currently pulling back. I'm long gas from 7.28 & 7.91. I'm considering adding to my position as soon as it turns up again. We're heading into the season for natural gas, and oil is taking off. Why does gas seem to be out of gas? ;)
  2. There's a reversal and unwinding of Crude/NatGas spreads.
  3. Can I ask how you figured that out? I'd like to be able to see that kind of thing myself. I've never done spreads before.

    Gas has reversed. Do they run stops with futures like in stocks? Because it dropped down big time and then reversed. Glad I held on.
  4. natty crude ratio usually between 10.5 and 11.5
  5. Sorry I'm not sure what that means.
  6. the ratio between crude and natty
  7. Ok much clearer now. ;)

    It's at 14 now. Does that means gas will go up or oil will come down?

    I just went long nov oil after seeing it trade at a premium.
  8. In my opinion crude is a little high compared to natty. But you know wat they say about opinions? Im long natty, no crude positions. I fucking got out at the close friday lol. Whoops!
  9. what are the hatural gas plays? some stocks? does it have an Index or ETF?


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    UNG... ETF
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