Gas $5 dollar gallon and $150 oil soon

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  1. and gold $1500/oz

    this will be bullish for stocks as kudlow has metioned. Stocks, oil, gold, and gas have risen together since 2002 and will continue to do so for decades to come.

    we need rising oil and rising gas. very bullish for stocks. A falling dollar is also very bullish.
  2. Daal


    avg bear lasts 393 days and drops 30%, too early

  3. We already know your opinion buddy. U think we forgot ? U post it 10x a day
  4. futures rising

    no one cares about the pain at the pump
  5. I don't know what to say about oil and gas but I am hoping for the market to rise :D
  6. Everything is 100% bullish 100% of the time if you are Larry Kudlow. I think he would find even global nuclear war bullish.

    In the 90's Kudlow resigned from Bear Stearns because of alcohol and cocaine abuse.He then converted from Judaism to Catholicism. I think all that is REALLY bullish.

    The only thing bearish was the market for coke when he stopped

    interesting article: Spectator.pdf

  7. Are you dense?

    What industry does $5 gas help?

    oh that's right, it's astounding how much more successful AMR and UAUA have been with oil now at $130 instead of $80.

    Lucky FDX and UPS don't use gas to drive their trucks either.

    Steel? pffft. Transported by bicycle of course.
  8. I hate kudlow and his vast assortment of pink ties

  9. This doom and gloom paranoia and delusions have started to come back.

    I am afraid these chart tearing hyena pups are back in business. They achieve nothing but insignificant gains and smaller profits, big money is always made in the rising markets. Nothing will cure their minds they are always out there obsessed with self -destruction.

  10. You should just hate yourself when you hate others or pink ties. Do you ever wear a tie? Do you have a business card? What does it say " day trader/ scalper" ?.
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