Gary Kaminsky, cry me a f***ing river

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by r-in, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. r-in


    Hey Gary where were you when similiar natural disasters occured in other parts of the nation? Oh now that your multimillionaire ass has been disturbed it is an issue? CNBC and this clown and the east coast millionaires can go rot. Help the east coasters who are everyday people first. Gary isn't one of those guys, and his neighborhood is not one of those everyday people groups. If something happens where I live in the next two weeks we will be out of luck for a long time because our crews are out east saving Gary, and his turd friends. Help the guys who have to actually go to work for a living everyday, and not just those that make them more millions, like Gary. I am as conservative as they come, but have no sympathy for this clown and his rants on CNBC. THe people that need immediate help are the ones that need to work everyday to pay their bills. Gary isn't one of those. He is not a company, he is "Gary" CNBC multimillionaire who preaches to us what he thinks he knows, and could care less when he is wrong, as he will get his CNBC paycheck regardless.
  2. maxpi


    who gives a shit about all the people in all these distressing situations that didn't prepare for the worst? I mean, who really gives a rat's ass? I've been through a couple of major earthquakes that shut things down entirely for days and weeks.. I wasn't bitching about missing any aid from the Public Sector, who wants to see those bureaucrat spokesholes for fascist-socialism anyhow..

    The rule of 3's:
    --3 minutes without air
    --3 hours without shelter
    --3 days without water
    --3 weeks without food

    All those assholes are not going to go 3 weeks without food so if they had some sleeping bags and water purifiers they would be ok in that storm in the northeast.. I don't believe that there is a single one of those people that couldn't find a dry place to put a sleeping bag...