Gary Cohn to Resign as Trump Economic Adviser After Trade Dispute

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    I've posted this before somewhere here in 2016... It's amazing that something so simple seems so completely out of reach for so many people...

    The number of people on both sides(left and right) that are complete idiots is truly amazing... They simply don't get the idea that imposing to the other side what they think is right never worked and never will...

    They get rid of one imbecile that was applauded for years for only doing shit and then they elect another from the other side to do the same thing, until they get so tired of the "new" fuck ups and begin to think again that the fuck ups from the other side are "the answer", as if they were something new...:rolleyes:

    And the solution is and always was there, as it has been for several decades, even shown in freaking TV shows such as Free To Choose and Stossel:

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    Or at least be willing to listen to his/her advisors. LOL He doesn't have a steady thought process because he deals with problems with solutions tailored for just one problem because all problems are different and many times in conflict with each other, so you see his thought process is not consistent and in conflict with each other as well. He needs to stand on a higher level and just look at the problems on an overall level.
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    Great video :thumbsup:

    Pretty much explains international trade...
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  4. Trumpie doesn't come in swinging .... he comes in winging it.

    He once was a landlord, he once was a developer, he once was a Casino operator, he once was a Airline Shuttle operator, he once was a Business School operator, he once was a huckster of steaks and other various items.

    Notice? He once was!

    He once was, and can still fall back on if he loses his day job, a TV Realty Star. What his "talents" are really suited for and the only true success he has ever had.
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    I'm now pretty convinced that this tariff stuff is just to distract from the gun reform debate where he was getting pulled apart by his common sense and his NRA masters.
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    For a day trader like myself thats more then enough to cash out.
    i wish i couldvote for the glorious bastard in 2020, i'll be able to retire on a private island by the end of his term.
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    Now he can add one more to the "once" list: He once was a president. LOL One thing for sure: The man is versatile and is a go-getter. He doesn't talk and he actually DOES things. That's EXACTLY the reason why people elected him. Because people are tired of talkers; they want a doer. Now he just needs to plan and think more carefully (by listening MORE to his advisers) before doing something.
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  8. LOL he doesn't plan and he doesn't listen. He shoots from the Lip. Period.

    While it is true that the people want a doer, instead they got a do nothing (ok not nothing, but in Trumpie 3rd grader talk very, very, very little) ticking time bomb ..... that hopefully gets "defused" soon.
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  9. qxr1011


    ===Gary Cohn to Resign as Trump Economic Adviser After Trade Dispute===

    very well , he was useless moron anyway

    but probably will be replaced by the similar one
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  10. JSOP


    Prob. this guy: Peter Navarro

    He's the guy behind all the tariff and protectionist ideas. And he's become more and more powerful in Trump's administration as he's the only one who's left in terms of advising Trump on economic policies. The more I read about him, the more I worry about Trump's economic and trade policy. I mean his theory is NOT all without merit. I mean I do believe also there should be some balancing to China's mercantilism and there should be some reviving of USA's manufacturing sector but his ideas are too extreme and this is where it gets worrisome.

    If this guy really comes THE economic adviser, we are REALLY going to need not just seat belts but strapped down like those astronauts in the spacecraft in our seats for this year cuz bumpy ride is going to be an understatement!
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