Gary Cohn to Resign as Trump Economic Adviser After Trade Dispute

Discussion in 'Economics' started by SteveM, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. I didn't expect any less than a gap close. Though what happens next is anyone' guess.
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  2. JSOP


    Now it's waiting for NFP to create some volatility this Friday. Judging from today's ADP's number, the NFP should be another strong number also. And then it's Powell on March 21. Lots of volatility, lots of profit opportunities.
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  3. From what I see consensus is around 200,000.

    Not my idea of a particularly strong number.

    But we shall see what the actual number is.
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  4. JSOP


    It's gonna be at least on par with the consensus.

    Everything is depending on how many they fired and decided to stuff in the government. ADP is about 235K, as long as they fire less than 35K paper pushers from the government, it would've been at least on par, anything lower would've beaten the consensus.
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  5. piezoe


    I'm a little surprised he left so soon after Trump announced Tariffs. Now the Tariff announcement is going to be associated with his leaving. But perhaps that's what he wants. Perhaps he wants to put an exclamation point after "This was not my idea." In any case he has already accomplished his major goal, big tax breaks for the rich and corporate America. (He's rich of course.) He can say with pride, "My work here is done." The Trump tariffs are of course only for political show.. They won't actually be applied in any significant way.
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  6. JSOP


    I think that was more of a "I've had it" leave rather than "My work here is done". LOL
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  7. piezoe


    I can see it as both.
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  8. JackRab


    The problem with negotiating this way, is that he's not negotiating with some construction company for a new hotel...

    There are a lot more wheels that move. The effect of this negotiation style within a business... is that you can easily go to the next builder or provider. Withing global economics and politics, you're dealing with investor sentiment, jobs across all sectors, national financing rates, currency effects... not even talking about burning bridges to long term global connections.

    Trumps normal way of doing business, bullying companies, doesn't work within a global political setting. The ripple effects are beyond his skill set.

    He comes in swinging... markets don't like that. If he would be a bit more prepared, saying he is going to target China only... it would be fine. Words like "a trade war is fine, can be good"... wtf... the reason the markets dropped, is because he's throwing shit like that around. And then he backtracks and we're up again. Until the next comment...
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  9. JSOP


    I think the main reason why people voted for Trump was that he's a go-getter, a hands-on problem-solver who is determined to provide solutions instead of a wishy-washy politicians that does nothing besides debating fruitlessly all day; people are just tired of that. But unfortunately, when you are dealing with issues on a global international scale where everything is intertwined and comingled with each other, it's not that easy to come up with a clear-cut solution.

    He comes in swinging... This is where Trump's lack of political experience is hurting him when he doesn't have the experience in like you said, how to deal with things on a grand scale where multiple interests are involved. And this is where his advisors come in; they are supposed to be there to advise Trump and caution him to look at all angles and aspects possible when looking at an issue so to come up with a more well-rounded solution and also the degree of how much to apply to solve the problems but they kept leaving because Trump doesn't want to listen to them :banghead:

    One thing good about this is it creates lots of entry points for you to get into the market but once you are in, you can't stay long, you can only ride a little bit and then hurry get out before Trump comes swinging with his next bat of radical solution...

    So next time when we are voting in somebody, we need to make sure to vote in somebody who's a go-getter but also with some political saviness.
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  10. JackRab


    Doesn't even have to be politically savvy... just a steady thought process would be nice.
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