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  1. Anybody ever subcribe to his service and implement his picks?

    Any comments from someone who has?
  2. Unless they changed things, you can see his stuff for two weeks free when you sign up for a trial subscription. Yes their customer service does answer the phone and you can end the trial without any hassles.

    Its position trading based on chart formations.
  3. I don't follow his advice, but I like to read his stuff. You can learn alot. You can get his commentary on a delayed basis with no subscription.
  4. Has he ever published any credible statistics re his actual trading? I don't have too much use for him. A couple of years ago I asked him what his basis was for the chart reading advice he was giving and did he have any testing to back it up? Bottom line was he didn't seem to have any backtesting or anything else to substantiate his chart reading. I would say he does an OK job of providing fairly basic chart interpetation. It's just that he has no idea how reliable any of the formations are.
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    Is this the same guy who wrote the "Live the Dream, How I trade the S&P 500 futures" book about six years ago?
  6. I have written to him a few times, especially when I was starting out. He really was nice and took a lot of time to write back with detailed thoughts.
  7. Same here, I was impressed that he actually wrote back. I wonder if he still is as nice with his popularity.

    You can also watch him Saturday Mornings on Bulls and Bears on Fox News at either 9 or 10am I forget. I got Tivo recording it.
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    His style is very simple. He only uses trendlines, price and volume, no other indicators. He's also one of the only guys who pushes the importance of money management and a solid understanding of expectency. He publishes his results at the end of every year. 2001 was his worst year ever, up 40%.

    Not the same Gary Smith who wrote a book about trading. Gary B. Smith used to cover golf for Sports Illustrated.
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    Yes he still answers his email in a friendly fashion and provides constructive comments. I am a subscriber to Real Money because of the variety of those who write columns. Over the years I have written to several of the writers and I have always received timely replys.
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    He is a real trader and his picks are decent. You have to manage the positions yourself tho which of course is the hard part.

    Definitely it is worth trialing his service to see if his style matches your own.
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