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    An interesting video about trading rules.
  2. he didnt mention his other trading rule of saying you are "long of" something if it is going up and you are in front of a tv camera. and that you ditched it a week ago if it starts going down. this guy is a used car salesman at best
  3. This clown once started talking about how he was long and following copper and that he expected it to break $2.00. The interview tried to tell him it was over $2.00 and he insisted it was $1.65 and repeated that he was "in copper" and followed it closely.

    He was fifty cents off on the spot month of a position he claimed to have. Of all the asshole pundits this guy is numero uno. He needs the words "jerk off" inked on his forehead as an aide to public safety.

    I am not a believer in any of these clowns/pundits yet I would like to think that if I produced an investment show I would at least weed out the absolute charlatans.

    For guys like this, politicians, guys from rating agencies etc. to be treated with respect by anyone is painful to watch. I just don't fucking get it.

    I do not disagree with his stated rule about losing positions. For most traders it is a good way to go. But did he have to take forever to illustrate his point?
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    Number of advisers and pundits followed here =0

    If I got to where I could have a show and be dead on all the time, then why would I have a show? I could lever my talent up a lot better by running an expensive trading service or a fund.. If somebody has a show, and they are dead on all the time, and they are using the show as a loss leader for their investing sevices, I might try them as funds manager..
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    That's an interesting comment on his take on the copper market and being so far off the spot month. Any other charlatans out there?

    I've seen a guy named James Cordier on television a few times. His site is all about option selling and touts his trading services yet he charges $69 per round trip. Don't most fund managers just charge a monthly management fee plus a performance fee.

    Any takes on Cordier?
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    I've done extremely well using his techniques. . .it's worth every penny of the commissions. Pretty much a sure deal.
  7. Said the one-post shill
  8. It seems to me that certain things in life can not be purchased as one might a loaf of bread or a quart of milk. I am not suggesting that paying for a book that increases your knowledge or exposes you to ideas that are new to you has no value but when you purchase the loaf or the quart they are commodities that are of use to you as is. The book (or I should say what you learn from it) is only a small part of what you hope becomes a methodology that you own and are comfortable with.

    Winning systems are not for sale. Systems that win for awhile are sold everyday. Winning individual trades are not sitting on a shelf priced at $69 discounted from $99 "this week only". Those trades may show a profit net of losses and expenses for November but at the end of any 12 month period (I am being generous with the time frame) you will find that you are not only a net loser in the trades but a number of $69 fees must be added to the loss column.

    You ask if there are more charlatans. To one degree or another they are all charlatans. They are supposedly offering you gold at a discount. If I told you I has gold bars for sale at $800 an ounce you would walk or run away from me. You would know it was a hustle ... and a very transparent one at that. Aren't these clowns just as transparent?

    There are no shortcuts. You can call it having an edge or whatever phraseology you like but the bottom line is you need to be a good trader to make money -- period.

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    Well written response. There are too many prospective traders who are out there searching for the mythical trading program. The one that requires small beginning capital, little work, yet at the same time provides amazing returns. Like day trading the e-mimi with a 2k account and striking it big.

    My only defense to the one comment rube above is I know who he is and he's being sarcastic.
  10. I pay $400/month for his newsletter. I don't necessarily bet on his calls, but its well worth it to "set up" the day for me, figuring out what's going on around the world. If you've never read his letter for an extended period, you can't have any real info on which to base your opinion of him. If you insist on sharing your uninformed thoughts, at least admit ur talking out your arse.
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