Gartman says gold is going loooooower

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  1. But phys gold is UP. Sell your gold for 2000 an ounce on Ebay to fellow travelers.

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    Gartman is a dingleberry
  3. zdreg


    is it beneath your capacity to post a link?
  4. zdreg


    since i posted the link your response is a dumb one.
    (if u expect people to respond it is customary to provide a link)
  5. Are you enjoying your gold? Good. Try it with a little oregano.
  6. epic fale
  7. So far, this correction means nothing for the long-term. A 20-25% drop to test the 1450-1500 area would be healthy.
  8. yes, YOUR losses are always healthy. Better you than me
  9. How do you know what I trade or if I have losses? Some people do trade in multiple time frames with different goals. You would have said the same thing of my long-term plays as gold hit around $700 in 2008.
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