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    If one could get statistics and charts, on how many articles are being produced, every single day, that completely misses simple logic and sane mind, then the last few weeks would look like Eiffel Tower.

    Journalists write whatever(of-course,not every single one), based on the desire to connect the dots with the virus, while blinded by their own fear, failure to rationally reason and greed to earn more ;

    out of that, the birth is given, to unprecedented amount of stupid articles. Just an ocean of stupidity. And they call it news.

    And here's the best part :

    people read that garbage ;
    and they believe it without questioning ;
    and then they - share it.

    They swallow* it all.

    They want to share it. With you.

    Don't take it. Garbage = bad trade.
    Think with your own head.

    Swallow definition :
    * Spring is coming, sun etc. bird pic fits perfect.
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  2. Lovin your optimism
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  3. kmiklas


    I thought like this for a long time, and lost a lot of money, until I realized this:

    --> Said garbage drives people to action, creating price movements--hype matters.
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  4. FriskyCat


    Except this has been going on for decades, not simply the "past few weeks". I could post dozens upon dozens of financial articles from 2,3,6 months ago that were equally inane.
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    And "said garbage" wasn't a driving force towards herding retail investors into this market at artificially induced highs prior to the collapse?

    My point is that these are merely two sides to the same coin. The media is in the business of lying.
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  6. Here4money


    if you dislike the free press, there's always communist China
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  7. And if they don't like science either, communist China does.
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    Absolutely ; all that i can see around > great low caps, it's like Black Friday sell off. Wish i had more cash. A good lesson.

    I'm neutral. One has to be stoic. To accept that this is the world that we're living in.

    Of-course it's happening throughout the times, but lately, the % of absurd articles, my bet - it went up. Since fear came into play.

    I had in mind stupid articles, that has to do with anything, except science. Some of them misses so bad on numbers, that it's hard to believe that it was written by a conscious human being. Must be A.I/aliens/kids.
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  9. Here is the thing about journalism 2020 regarding science or any other topic. You guessed it - the media need clicks.

    Thanks to the net and lifestyle changes killing print and TV/Cable. So instead of getting the best and brightest they hire the most outrageous headline attention grabbing types.

    So you have to sift through the nonsense, bogus and or absurd to find truth or partial truth. Well except when it comes to the latest Chumpie tweet, news conference or speech. We can bank on what his says to be utter nonsense, bogus and absurd. He makes it easy for us in that respect.
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    OP, you gotta realize that we no longer have much printed media. Those crazy tabloid rags are now online and mix w/the legitimate reporting.
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