Garbage on screen

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Tech Analysis, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. Just installed a new Matrox dual-head G550 card with their dual DVI cable and this is what I'm getting right from the get-go. I put the BIOS in setup mode (del key) just to pause it long enough to catch this gibberish for a photo.

    Is this problem due to a faulty card or the cable?

    When it starts up I can make out "Matrox" amongst the ASCII trash, if that helps. This has nothing to do with Windows since this happens right at POST
  2. call your trash man. maybe he knows.

  3. P. Niss

    P. Niss

    You're a real horse's ass there, Fruity. Looks like a fault in the video cable otherwise your post would beep out an error code in the video card.