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  1. optical illusion.
  2. I dont get it.

    Unless you mean the hidden arabic script in the borders, of course.
  3. You are staring at an image of your number and the background changes. The back ground is basically blank. Your brain still retains the image for a few moments.
  4. any number you pick comes out the same depending on which multiple of 10. all 10's come out to 9. all 20's come to 18. all 30's come to 17, etc.

    I figured this out on my own. I learned how to really count back when I had all those scores in Korea.

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    Two digit number "AB" = 10A + B

    Add together the digits = A + B

    Subtract from original: (10A + B) - (A + B) = 9A

    This number is a multiple of 9.

    The symbols for (1x9), (2x9), (3x9), (4x9), (5x9), (6x9), (7x9), (8x9), and (9x9) are the same, see image below. They are guaranteed to be right.

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    i have tried it several times and it has failed most of those times.

    try 11 & 95
  7. Arnie


    No mater what numbers you pick, they will end up as the #'s below


    Look at the picture of the symbols and you will see that each of these numbers all have the same symbol.

    They are all mutiples of 9
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  9. It took me 4 times to figure it out
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