gaps don't mean a thing

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  2. Imagine that you are a quant.

    Imagine you work for a HF.

    Imagine you are required to have a failsafe insurance program.

    Does your platform handle rollovers properly? Tell us what it does.

    Are you going to change platforms?
  3. It has to be read in the context of your time frame and method.
    Back testing YOUR system (not someone else's) will answer that query for you.
    It pays in my system not to trade gaps as often price will retrace quickly. Gaps can indicate exhuberance which can mean tops but also indicate a new trend starting off so needs to be read in contect of how mature the trend is at that point in time of the gap.
    I prefer to wait after a gap, gaps can often be filled.
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    Gaps don't mean a thing.

    Reaction of market participants to gaps is where the money is made.
  5. There are gaps and then there are gaps. Some can be very profitable and reliable, but they occur only several times a year per market. I like those and I am not the only one who plays them. Do your research well and you may find a few others.

    Great ideas have been around for years. But most people get to see only glimpses if them. Getting to see the full picture takes more work and effort than most are willing to invest. And it's so much simpler to dismiss things.

    That's my 2 cents.
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    It's been my observation that they do.
  7. Now that is power. Controlling where the price opens.
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    what's there to discuss? you did post a STATEMENT..(or i'm wrong? forgive me, english is not my native language)

    run some stats,then come back and maybe we will have something to discuss.

    here..if IWM open> than previous day high and prev. day high time < than prev. day low then there is 75% probability that it will go lower in first 15 min.
    what to do with it-that could be some point to discuss..

    just an example..
  9. What's there to discuss except to reply with a low quality debate as your opening statement.


    I disagree.
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    daniel douchebag
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