Gapper screening

Discussion in 'Trading' started by andiecpk, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. andiecpk


    Hi, does anyone use gapper screening during premarket as premarket analysis? If so, I need some guidance.
  2. Bob111


    premarket analysis of what? stock or market itself?
    let me ask you same question i ask new posters almost every time-
    can you be more specific of what you trying to do and what type of guidance you are looking for?

    thank you
  3. There is no reason to "screen" - the NYSE posts the indications every morning, and even ARCA-EX has a preopening auction to look at.

  4. andiecpk


    I am so sorry. I will be more specific next time.

    What I meant is that I am looking for a software that is able track premarket potential stocks with at least $1 gap up or down . There are alot of softwares out there provide gap scanning after the market opens, but not premarket. If anyone uses this, I would hope to get the name of the software or trading platform.
  5. I still stand by my comments above (and your questions was asked by others as well, so I passed it along to Stocks and Commodities magazine as well)....

    Scanning for premarket activity, will by definition, be pretty useless. Are you thinking that premarket "action" will help you make an opening only trade? You know that pre-market ECN trading is pretty much a "fool's game" - ....

    Perhaps I am missing what you're really asking....but perhaps so as to not make me look stupid, you can send me a PM....LOL

  7. Bob111


    maybe there on their top lists.

    or here-

    choose must active in dropdown box
  8. Interesting. Do you mean everyone trading the pre is a fool or just the other side of the manipulators that are gunning the price one way or the other? Not advocating trading it, just wondering why you say that.
  9. I would give the same answers as Donnie Darko.

    But I will also bet a 6pack that either Andie(guy who started this thread) or some other new member points us to some new and exciting pay software that will identify pre mkt gappers.:p