Gap: Wheres the growth going to come from?

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    Gaps revenues in 2010 have been up in every quarter when compared to 2009. However the company has reported that December net sales were flat when compared with last year and has reaffirmed EPS guidance of $1.77-1.82 per share (2009: $1.58). Trading on a current forecast PE of approximately 13 times earnings compared to an average PE of 24.33 for the S&P as a whole GAP offers a better earnings yield than many other constituents. However with persisting high levels of unemployment, the risk of rising interest rates and the possibility of a double dip in the housing market Gap may yet face significant economic headwinds.

    Wheres the growth going to come from?
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    I'm not sure what is so special about Gap you could pretty much fill in XXX with any business in America (or at least any business whose main revenue source is not the federal government).
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