Gap Ups and Gap Downs

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  1. Not quite sure if this is in the right thread, but nevertheless,

    The question is this:

    Does anyone know of a site, whether paid or not, that tells their subscribers the current days gap ups and downs in the premarket.

    I understand it is a bit hard on New York, considering no one really knows where the specialist is gonna make his first print come the opening bell, but even so, it can be clear when a gap up or down is occurring based on significant change in ECN prices pre market from previous days close.

    Anybody with this info???
  2. most active in pre-mkt usually always gap; u find them u find da gappers.
  3. ess1096


    This is Michael Parness' site. He has a feature where they send you the gaps to fade. I don't subscribe but I did take the free trial a while back. It's like a forum that you refresh pre market and into the first half hour or so. They tell you when to get in and out. It's ok if you like hand holding. I personally have no use for it but it sounds like what you are looking for.
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    Sometime within the last half hour before the open, publishes a list of stocks gapping up and a separate list of stocks gapping down in their Platinum news service.
  5. Check out Trader-X's blog. He trades gaps exclusively, and I think he gets his list from three different sources. Give it a read and you will get the details of his strategy. It is a great blog, and it is free.
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    You might want to check When you are a member, you can do a ProphetScan and specify the filters you want, like gap up/down and the size of the gap (%) from the previous day's high/low.

    I'm not 100% sure it works during pre-market but it might...
    You can also get a free trial.