Gap Up

Discussion in 'Trading' started by highballs, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. or DOWN tomorrow?

    place your bet here. if you dare. if not, shut up? :D
  2. down
  3. A better question is what kind of trend after a gap up or down. A gap up or down does not necessarily signal the direction for the day. Look at today's gap down. Today was an uptrend day from 15 minutes after the open.
  4. UP
  5. At least 1% up.
  6. piezoe


    Up, I would think. We are very close to the weekly trendline support in the U.S. dollar futures. Thus within a few days a rebound in the dollar will probably occur and that may take the market down a bit. We are also virtually at the May high in the monthly ES. Some resistance there would not be unexpected.. If I were a swing trader, I think I'd be waiting for a little pullback to buy this market.
  7. Haha, flat open.
  8. piezoe


    If you are going to gloat, them I an forced to be indelicate and point out that the ES opened with a giant gap up of 3 ticks. :D
  9. almost up 1% lol