Gap-up to 1.5000

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  1. on deck for Monday (not sure if the markets are open on Memorial Day - so if not, then definitely Tuesday)
  2. Even if did that it would close the day at 1.40. This thing is overbought beyond all reason.
  3. I agree but all timeframes are still pushing upwards -- even on my 60 minute charts I am still getting some support levels

    Nearly all my calls have been right up to now (both long and short) and I don't see this being an exception
  4. The point where everything seems to be so overwhelmingly bullish is the point where "fun" begins. I am waiting for this thing to "break its neck"
  5. Watch the picture. This thing left one trendline and went on a steep climb. This kind of behavior will not go unpunished.

  6. So sorry -- I mean't 1.4100 -- but eventually in a few weeks - yes, I think we will see 1.5000
  7. what are the implications of the fast USD depreciation for the US equity market?

    USD dropped ~4% againt EUR in just one week. Yet SPY is essentially flat over the same time period.
  8. 1.4100 should be hit around 2am -- a few hours before the German IFO data release......
  9. Surdo


    Picture perfect ET fade so far, thanks for the PIPS!
  10. bad plan - trying to short the uptrend....

    buy the dips!

    you will be sorry if u try to short this thing....

    DXM9 is on a complete downtrend!!!!
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