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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dgmodel, Mar 21, 2003.

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    does anyone here use a software program that allows you to see gap ups and gap downs??? if so which, and hows youre experience with it???
  2. "allow you to see gap ups/downs"?

    You mean a scanner to identify stocks that gapped open up or down a certain amount? Most of the software out there can do something simple like that.
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    yes... which? my software only has new lows and new highs... doesnt indicate gap ups and gap downs... is there a third party software that i could purchase or are there any free ones or whichever...
  4. I'm not a big "scanner" user, but the scanner feature in Trade Prospector can be set up to use different market scans (like unfilled gaps) and then define user defined filters for specific selection criteria.
  5. what code do you use?
  6. DanR


    NextTrend provides a charting software and a good scanner for 25$/mo. It should be possible to try it for free.
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    thank you...
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    Real Tick has gap up/down real time list. ESP by Pristine has real time alerts including the gap up/down list besides other buy/sell setups.