Gap Play (Dow)

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by lwlee, Sep 22, 2011.

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    More than 100 point gap down from yesterday's close. In the past 2 years, it seems gap down are usually closed within 4-5 days. What do you think?
  2. I THINK, you THINK, that
    "GAP TRADING" work without anything else.

    ITs not so easy.
    Not every fucking gap will be retested.

    I thought there is some other meaning about Stocks + Indices, with Gaps if they dont close and continue a few days, it is a strong move and the market gives a fuck about your gap........

    Trades for closing the gaps is bad trading, i think....
    Its much better to trade in the direction of the gaps, BEFORE the gaps appear....:D :D :D
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    That was very insightful. Thank you.
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    Dow 9/21 low = 11,118. Given today's strong move, looks like we can close tomorrow. 4 day to close the gap.

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    Well, we made it. Hope u took profit. :D
  6. Cool. my congratulations to your win.

    Do you really think the market made that move because of the gap, you told before ???

    If yes, you will give your win back to the markets, with your next gap trade.....
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    As I mentioned in my original post, over the last 2 years, it appears down gaps on the Dow close fairly quickly. As I think many traders can attest, once you see a pattern, you make the trade. It may seems strange or counter-intuitive but if backtesting shows you something, you go with the results.

    Btw, if you didn't figure it out already, I didn't think your original reply was insightful or helpful. More rantish. Something more constructive would have been to ACTUALLY look at the the gaps in the Dow for the last 2 years and then tell if you felt my data was flawed.

  8. Hey man,

    if this stuff works for you, "its good" no need to change it....

    I looked a long time ago on gaps and how i could trade them....

    I only told you my opinion, dont fuck me because of that....

    wish you the best