Ganns law of vibration

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  1. Anyone who use this for trading? Not sure how to apply it. But it is the Diatonic scale?

    "I soon began to note the periodical recurrence of the rise and fall in stocks and commodities. This led me to conclude that natural law was the basis of market movements. I then decided to devote ten years of my life to the study of natural law as applicable to the speculative markets and to devote my best energies toward making speculation a profitable profession. After exhaustive researches and investigations of the known sciences, I discovered that the law of vibration enabled me to accurately determine the exact points at which stocks or commodities should rise and fall within a given time."

    The working out of this law determines the cause and predicts the effect long before the street is aware of either. Most speculators can testify to the fact that it is looking at the effect and ignoring the cause that has produced their losses.

    "It is impossible here to give an adequate idea of the law of vibrations as I apply it to the markets. However, the layman may be able to grasp some of the principles when I state that the law of vibration is the fundamental law upon which wireless telegraphy, wireless telephone and phonographs are based. Without the existence of this law the above inventions would have been impossible."
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    This stuff is always shrowded in some mystical explanation because most people that do research in the markets are not scientists. That is not to say they are not smart, just that they are not trained in science so they talk about their subject in english instead of in Mathematics.

    [Euclidian] Harmonic motion is the solution to many systems of [partial differential] equations, and the markets are some sort of system where back and forth motion clearly indicates that these types of solutons give a clue that they are driven by these types of generators.

  3. In their day these were new ideas: Today these ideas are pretty well investigated. The conclusion ? Nobody has exactly characterised financial markets.

    And... if you start looking at systems of equations in great mathematical detail you will come to realize that these types of ideas are in some ways intrinsic. Its no great revelation that there is a harmonic component that crops up in the solutions .... but at first glance it might appear that way ....
  4. Thanks guys!