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  1. I would like to learn as much as I can about Gann, where is the best place to start, what's the most comprehensive source of information? Appreciate any help , thanks.
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    Kicking, I never got Gann or Elliot to work for me other than to provide me with a general perspective on the markets, but I do know some traders who feel this is the best treatment on the topic with regards to practical trading:

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    Not an endrosement, I haven't seen the materials myself. If you purchase them, please post a review.
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    Gann's books:

    How To Make Profits Trading Commodities

    HOW TO MAKE PROFITS TRADING COMMODITIES. A study of the commodity market. With charts and rules for successful trading and investing.

    The Tunnel Thru the AIr, or Looking Back from 1940

    Face Facts America or Looking Ahead to 1950

    Forty-Five Years in Wall Street

    Gann's Guide of How to Make Money in Commodity Trading

    How to Make Profits in Commodities

    The Magic Word

    New Stock Trend Detector
    Puts & Calls

    The Reconstruction of Gann's Stocks & Commodities Wisdom from His Famous Wall Street Reports, Set

    Truth of the Stock Tape & Wall Street Stock Selector

    W. D. Gann Commodity Trading Course

    W. D. Gann Stock Market Course
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