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  1. Would anyone know of a good resource to begin learning Gann's approach and his indicators? Thanks!

  2. gann's basic premise was the squaring of price and time. i utilize a gann "wheel" to accomplish this for my neogann index channels. is a decent place to start your studies.


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  3. some of the biggest ABs are followers of Gann. But then it figures, their mentor was quite an AB himself.
  4. Pabst


  5. Thanks all!
  6. AB = BS?


    OK, OK... here's somethings that would help you.

    First, don't believe much of what people say. Seriously... just read his original book. Even this post or posts above. :)

    When you're dealing with the actual market price and time (charts) just concentrate on the angles. Resistance % is more about the periodical and amplitudal ratio based on cyclical factors.

    Gann-Astro comes between the angle and cyclical factors, at first. In a sense, or actually they all are the same things though.

    Then the Master Charts should be taken as a Market Structure. It shows the phases or condition of what the market is.

    Directly applying the Master Charts on the charts directly without the consultation of the Angles or Cyclical Factor has close to none edge.

    But honestly, do you want to go through all the work? To do a complete analysis even under computer assisted condition, I can only trade it on the Daily Bar. I'd rather look into other types of trading styles or indicators because of the tedious work you have to go through to learn it and then to constantly analyzing the market.

    Unless, you want to do some abridged version of his analysis that you like or through other Gann-related analysis like Pyrapoint or PTV. I really wouldn't recommend it unless you have 4 hours to waste just to do Daily analysis and 12 hours for weekly+monthly basis.

    Well... it all depends on you...
  7. yea u might go with one of the neo-gann gurus like the pyrapoint dude or the murrey math dude. alotta people claim those things work...

  8. or MARKETSURFER, of course !

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