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  1. What are the best books to read on Gann analysis. I want to read a book or two on the subject so I can actually understand what the heck Jeff Cooper is talking about over on RM.
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    Gann made is Easy is not a good book.

    It actually makes the whole thing complicating. Basically, McLaren(I think that was the author) just rephrases what Gann writes in his book. Actually, the quality of the material is same as the book, "Time, Price, and Pattern" I think it's in all major bookstores. Look at that book, and ask yourself if you're willing to pay an extra $150 for the same quality.

    My suggestion, read Gann's original material. First, the book then the course. Do a search and you'll see other posts I wrote. I think I wrote more about Gann under the handle name, "WDGann"...

    Good luck. Please remember that Gann had a separate idea about trading techniques and analysis technique. Books are more about Trading. The courses are more about analysis. First 4 courses are about trading, all the courses after Geometric Angles courses are about analysis.

    Don't trade with analysis. It's just a edge to lower risk.