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  1. Anyone know where I can find a Gann Wheel/Square of Nine that extends out 5 digits????
  2. Let's see now. For the vast majority of issues, that would be an accuracy better than a tick or the spread? Guess you could use it on Berkshire Hathaway, though.
  3. wow, there really is such a thing? I thought people were joking when they talked about their "Gann wheels."
  4. KIndly do not make fun of what you don't understand. I calculate the angular position of Jupiter relative to the sun with 32 bit double precision for my sunspot predictions.
  5. I believe you mean Connie. Although they both apparently like horses and both are dyed blondes. I would take Linda, however, as I can understand what she writes. Connie, it would seem, is merely a connie artist.
  6. Have anyone researched into the true origin of the Gann Square of Nine?

    I have to conclude all the stories I found (on the web) are made up:

    1) Why would tea merchants in India need a square root calculator? (Gann discovered the number spiral in his trip to India.)

    2) Mesopotamia origin - no historic evidence of the number spiral. Show me a picture of the actual number spiral... please.

    3) Egyptian Pyramid - see the Gann Square of Nine from the bird eye's view of the Giza... You got to be kidding!

    Do I think there is something there... Yes, there are actually a few people in the 30's besides Gann subscribed to the idea of volatility as a function of square root of price (I think even John Templeton). Would I bet my money on it? No... Not by itself.

    Can someone tell me what they know? Thanks. Please show me some historical evidences... Any Freemason sacred geometry is welcomed!

  7. nkhoi


    look like it could be done pretty easily in excel
  8. Don't have the details but it's the fibonacci ratio.
  9. Actually I tried Fib retracement with Square of Nine for a little bit... they are like oil and water. I also read something about Fib relationship embedded in the square but never took the time to make sense of it.
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