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  1. Well, nkhoi sent me these messages:

    From this I thought I'll answer him(there's no question but I guess he want me to comment on it). Also, with the marketsurfer and myself challenging MurrayMath, I thought I'll start a thread about Gann(-related) analysis in general.

    Reasonable Flames, rational arguments are very welcome!

    First the answer to nkhoi:

    What the guy is using is Gann square of 9 chart. Mostly what you see is the wheel that starts from 1. But the guy you mention start from significant low and up. What is it? Simple... it's just the same as how you would use Gann Wheel. Still there is a objective difference.

    Usual Gann Wheel(that starts from 1) can be mentioned as natural Gann Wheel. It's the same concept as natural squares like 360, 104, and 100 which are the common squares you see in every chart you use. But there are market specific squares like square of range, high and low.

    This is what the guy is using. In another words, it's a market specific square of nine or Gann Wheel.

    After that the usage is the same.
  2. of offer and demand but he has never revealed them. Instead he had given mystical rules.

    Nevertheless he has given some foundation about float analysis which is a rational and economic approach see

    In fact our model is based on the same foundation than Gann, it is possible that we have rediscovered its equations, we won't never know but they can't be many possibilities.


    For example today we projected a high of 8678

    DJI Future made a high of 8675 on globex.
  3. harry,

    i asked you on your thread if you actually trade your system. no response. so i will ask again--do you trade your system ?? in addition, could you please post your calls here on ET before the fact. thanks !!

  4. Hmmm... interesting... Gann did mention that there are 4 dimensions in his analysis:

    1. Time
    2. Price
    3. Trend
    4. Volume

    I was extremely skeptical but it does make sense.

    Time and Price create chart patterns. For float it would be the consolidations. Putting volume in it does make sense. I'm impressed about the fact that they put volume inside, which is overlooked by most Gann(-related) analysts.

    It's not Gann but very nice work.

    Little explanation about 4 dimensions:

    First, there are 3 sub dimension.

    1. Time
    2. Price
    3. Volume

    As it is with any technical analysis. They are the base information.

    4th which is Trend is quite different in nature. It's what pulls all the 3 sub dimensions together.
  5. Sorry sometimes I don't have time to answer the same day. I answered today. Yes of course I am trading the system and I will post trades soon when everything will be automated enough.

  6. As I stated on the opening thread, this thread started out as a response to Murray Math thread. There's a few thoughts I have and I'd like to clarify a few things.

    1. There is no Gann secret. Harry wrote about the founder of Float Analysis claiming to have found the Gann's secret of law behind Supply and Demand. First, that was mentioned in Gann's Ticker Tape interview. He mentions that the public is not ready for it but along with it he mentions that it's about Law of Vibration. He then goes into the micro and macro view of ebb-flow, electronics and radio waves, music and so forth governing the market. So he already gives out the secret, if it ever was one. People just misinterpret it into something more superstitious.

    2. So what is Law of Vibration? I've mentioned that I know it, and some people have asked what it was. It's the fact in nature that nothing is at rest. It's the micro/macrocosism view at there is always some active in the world, whether it be super-string vibrating at certain rate, electrons spinning in an atom, earth moving around the sun, galaxies spinning around a black hole and so-forth. Law of Vibration is simply a micro and macrocosm view that everything is moving in cycles and is vibrating. Read any physics book and you'll see it everywhere. The more detailed information would be from wave theory in physics. Wave Theory, Kepler's Law, Fourier Analysis and etc. "IS" the Law of Vibration. It's based on science.

    So when people say that Astrology is the secret is just immaturely interpretting Gann. It's LAW OF VIBRATION. Now, the difference between a lot people with me is that I can apply it to the market with Gann's techniques because I understand the Law of Vibration more than most Gann traders, if I didn't I wouldn't be able to explain it here right? *wink* *wink*

    3. What about Gann Wheel? OK, here's explanation, First, there are 2 types of vibration. In physics, it's separated as Pulse and Wave. Wave is periodically constant and it's basically musical tone and note. Now there is the pulse. It's the sharp sound you get when he hit 2 metals together which disappears quickly. The periodicity of a pulse is not constant but is rational. The periodicity increase by the odd square of the initial sound. So if the initial vibration of the sound was 200 cps(cycles per second) it would increase from 200, 1800(200 x 9), 5000(200 x 25), 9800(200 x 49) and on and on till you can't hear it.

    Well, notice something? Yes, the Gann Wheel is actually a calculator to figure out the pulse of the market. Gann mentions about harmonic and inharmonic relationships. In music, wave is mentioned as harmonic and pulse is mentioned as inharmonic.

    Is it still esoteric and mystical? It's based on science not some mumbo jumbo meta-physical aspects.

    I'll say it again, there is no Gann Secret. It's not mystical, esoteric, or meta-physical. There are scientific background on all Gann techniques. Most of the claims and flames reminds me of how ignorance leads to mumbo jumbo. Was Earth flat? Did Apollo the Greek God carry the torch of the sun around the sky? Was a Solar Eclipse a sign of Demons?

    Let's study and observe more before you critisize or immaturely claim something...

    So what about the vendors? I have a good reason to call them a moron because their claims are just misleading and unacceptable. They immaturely interpret Gann from their little knowledge and claim it to be the whole. They give all these mystical terminology and manipulate the clients. They are preying on the WEAKEST in the business who are not proficient about the market. They are just like churn brokers who screw retired 70 year old, small town barber's lifetime savings.

    Idea of the float analysis is great, I like it. I can say it with other Gann(-related) material, that I'm sure it works. But claiming it to be a probable Gann's secret is again, just plain old ignorant.
  7. wd gann,

    dude you are confused ! you state that the law of vibration governs everything--ok makes sense but a stock index figure ?? how can a supposed physical law govern a particular number ? this is numerolgy and i can prove numerology is BS. gann is simply number games--yeah it works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt.

    jack:eek: :eek: :confused:
  8. Where did I claim that Law of Vibration "Governs" all things... Law of vibration is just one of the principle of nature, not all. Are you trying to flame me with irrational reason by saying I'm claiming something that I didn't?

    Physical Law govern numbers... I've never heard of Physical Law "Govern" Numbers but scientific theories are proven or approved by math.


    Huh? Did you read my post?

    I think you immaturely interpret Gann as some numerological stuff with some magic number... have you read Gann's original material?
  9. nkhoi


    I just found this thread, lol.
    I read somewhere that you can draw diff size cubes and then put one inside another, line up the corners, price will travel on imaginary line draw thru those corner but I don't have any sample pic to go with this theory, anybody get one?
  10. All you can prove is your inability to use numerology correctly.

    The fact that it works sometimes and not other times has to do with the human condition, not with the practice itself.

    Numerology is an interpretive process, just like astrology, tarot cards, and all of the occult processes.

    Is it a surprise that most of the math based traders are attracted to the occult and its mysterious mathematical foundations?

    There effectiveness of all these occult systems has to do with the ability of the practitioner to tune into the individual they are doing the reading on, on a psychic level. Unfortunately, these minor powers usually lead to the growth of the ego and a reduction of humbleness, and people lose their powers over time and are reduced to tricks and deceptions, i.e. someone like Kreskin or Uri Geller.

    In ancient times, those who were endowed with these psychic abilities were kept away from society, often living a monastic or very pure life, as once they became involved with worldliness and all that goes with it, they lost their abilities due to the movement from the subtle levels of consciousness to the gross mundane levels.

    If one was sophisticated enough, they could read the markets, as the markets are nothing but a collective karmic situation. The fact that a person may lack the ability doesn't mean that the process is flawed.

    That said, all of the Scriptures in every major religion condemn the use of these minor psychic and occult power, as these powers do not come from God, and are in fact an obstacle to developing a pure relationship with God. These powers come from the psychic field and subtle levels of physical energy, not God.
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