Gann Position Sizing

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    According to "The WD Gann Method of Trading" by Marisch,
    Gann had turned $130 to $12k in 30 days in 1908, and his winning rate was about 88%.

    How large do you think his positions were, and how many trades do you think he took in that month?
    Was he simply betting the ranch on every trade, and that just happened to be one of the accounts he got lucky on and didn't blow?
  2. Is there much point discussing this, where no records are available?(unless there are, i dont know).

    Strikes me as ridiculous, were it not that ive papertraded $15,000 into a quarter mill in just under 6 months, hit a mill by a year etc etc etc., restarted a number of times and got the same results.

    It has occured to me, there must be some who actually jump in like that and do ok.

    The myth of gann is just one of those things, and as you say, its possible he squiggled his odds somehow for a good performance record via numerous accounts, i dont know.
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    Investopedia has an article on it. Search Gann studies. It is very informative.
  5. Friendly advice: Don't pursue this; develop your own method from start to finish.