Gann-Law of vibration etc

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  1. Does the market follow this law of vibration he talked about, what you think? Some say it is a musical scale and that the whole universe follows it.

    There are geometry and numerology in the market charts and perhaps they are related to this scale..hmm
    It seems like the market works like when you throw rocks in a lake. The waves interact and some become stronger and weaker = cycles.

    What you think?
  2. I actually believe it works in principle. That said I haven't seen credible info that Gann made any money. I know that Gann lovers and going to throw eggs, but show me some real proof.

    Andrews Pitchfork was used during the same time and there is proof it was used to make a lot of money and still is by the likes of Tim Morge.

    Yes anyone with a brain knows that cycles but to take it from the general to the specific I have seen little proof.

    Now if you want to get into Time Series Forecasting, Fast Fourier Transform, I have seen some pretty impressive predicitions, 70 percent accurate at best.
  3. You and Gann lost all credibility with that one word. :cool:
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    It has all been tested a thousand times.

    Never failed to desappoint.
  5. Can you elaborate a bit on the time series thing and fast Fourier?
    The pitchfork i guess measure the median of the cycles!?

  6. It´s very real.

    The top in S&P500 in 2007 was 1577. Then it went down 57,7%
    0,577 is a cubic number. Just an example. Lots of this can be found.
  7. If you look up Andrews Pitchfork, Dr Alan Andrews, Roger Babson. Here Merry X Mas

    I can't show you an example of FFT in trading the educator uses a prop. method. But this will get you started
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    There was a poster on elite named Marketsurfer who used the Gann Wheel to great success back in the early 2000's. Then for some unknown reason he denounced Gann and Vibration and the Wheel --- Per his journal called 'the surf report" his trading never recovered once he gave up following Gann's teaching.

    Check out the thread/journal--- its rather telling about how effective Gann really is. The early calls were uncannily accurate. why the guy would throw out a good method--- self dectructive? ego? Who knows, but you can see the drop off in success clearly on that journal.

    Someone said the guy became so accurate with Gann, he was paid off to denounce the method and no longer post publicly about it--- and in fact, the thread was closed, another mystery.

  9. Another example of mathematical coincidence and masterbation, "after the fact". :(
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