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  1. I wonder if someone would be interested to buy my course. I have some pretty advanced knowledge of where and why markets will turn around with a very high probability.
    Gann related such as geometry.
    Entry is based on math but exit is more up to you and experience.
  2. Your own course ?

    DVD or ebook

    price ?

  3. Via email so i can help you if there are any questions.
    Price is $1000
  4. And now we will have a major reversal down in the indices.
  5. At least it´s a very high probability for that. Buy a SPY put with a couple of weeks to expiration and make several 100%..
  6. Dogfish

    Dogfish The best known Gann service but she mainly deals in bonds, maybe you can take the equity side of the market
  7. Mighty impressed. I'll but 10 of them. Any discounts?

  8. No soup for you!!!

    Was a bit early but it should be no problem. Today is the actual critical level where it will likely turn down.
  9. Do you also sell a Prechter course?
  10. Roark


    The problem is your pricing. You should make it $999.
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