GANN and FIB ??????

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    I am a newbie trader and the current book i am reading was written by a fan of Gann and FIB analysis. All the other books i have read have given me some conflicting reports regarding this type of technical analysis.

    However, i am open minded and i am willing to learn and see if i can apply it to my trading, if not then i will dismiss it.

    The book was written by Constance Brown who is president of Aerodynamic Investments Inc. Mrs Brown really does talk about her legendary price projections many times in the book using the Gann methods along with other analysis.

    Can anyone tell me how well this fund is performing, i have tried to get some performance on this fund but could not find anything tangible.

    As i regard her TA as slightly suspicious, as it is so subjective, i would be happier if knew her fund was actually performing well.

    On a side-note, does anyone actually use Gann analysis? Does it really help with their trading?

    Moreover, because i like learning why things work, i am still unsure of why the Golden Ratio can be applied to an unperfect market place made of rational and un-rational buyers?
  2. I'd say dismiss it, if you're a newbie.

    You should be studying "the market", rather than studying "opinion of what people "think" of the market".

    This is coming from one of the top Gann analyst in the nation (At least I used to use Gann, not now), which is me.

    :p :p :p

    Serious about studying the market.
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    Thanks for the advice.

    Just wondering why you have stopped using Gann? Is it because you have found a better method of probability projection.
  4. TS gave you some of the strongest most accurate advise anyone can give you. Now listen to it.
    Study the Market not the indicators that interpret the market. The only individuals to succeed in trading are those that understand the Market first and the indicators second.
  5. If I recall correctly, Ms. Brown doesn't give much information on how she actually uses Gann. "Tilt?" (I hate when she keeps saying that in her book!) If you want to learn more about Gann, you might want to check out Michael S. Jenkins' work. That being said, I don't believe Gann is the holy grail, although there are some things that can be useful when confirmed by other analysis. For me, studying Gann's methods demonstrated to me that the market follows certain principles but it didn't allow me to make incredible forecasts all the time. In other words, I couldn't use many of the Gann methods but they helped me understand and appreciate the market.

    Regarding the Golden Ratio, the financial markets are collective "human nature" and because the golden ratio is said to apply in nature, it can be applied to the financial markets as well.

    I also wish I knew how Ms. Brown's funds are performing.

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    TILT lol !! WTF - i really hate that.

    Regarding the Golden Ratio - that was the rationale behind it that i was thinking, thanks for confirmation.

    Would love to know how her fund is performing, anyone have access to this data????

  7. what fund ?
    thought they were just a market letter/seminar provider
  8. I've been out of Gann for quite some time but I'll tell you what my trader mentor/friend told me, which still sticks with me:

    "A trader's job is to make money by trading. Nothing more or less. Just make shit happen!!!"


    "You trade the fuckin' market. You're a fuckin' trader. What are you trying to be? A fuckin' an analyst!!! RRRAAAHHHHHHHH"

    Sorry for the cussing but tryin' to keep it f*ckin' real. There used to be a time in trading where adding the "F" word proves a point...

    :p :p :p
  9. Your trading /mentor friend was WAXIE?

    Ok, well-the "golden mean", or golden ratio is, basically, a very old method of functional/aesthetic geometry, used by the greeks, most architects since, and evidently many other fields.

    Its used in art, too-it just happens to be both pleasing on the eye, and , in architichtural terms, tremendously strong, being the basis of pyramid structures such as , the pyramid of cheops (dont quote me on that) and the lovely structure on the US dollar bill.

    It refers to a slightly off-kilter one third /two thirds ratio in most terms, but i guess you could read what you wanted into it, depends what you read or otherwise beleive, it also mean fib ratio's as described by the great rabbit breeder fibonacci, respective interacting standard or non-standard fractions, actually, provided their divisible by twelve.

    Something like that anyway, and FWIW the good Dr. Andrews has better gear than Gann, anyday.

    The "golden mean" in art terms refers to , usually, the ideal horizon line of a landscape painting, normally approximating, loosely, 33 % from base to horizon.
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