Gangsters manipulating oil price...

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  1. THREAT 1: International organized criminals have penetrated the energy and other strategic sectors of the economy. International organized criminals and their associates control significant positions in the global energy and strategic materials markets that are vital to U.S. national security interests. They are now expanding their holdings in the U.S. strategic materials sector. Their activities tend to corrupt the normal workings of these markets and have a destabilizing effect on U.S. geopolitical interests.

    So warns the Overview of the Law Enforcement Strategy to Combat International Organised Crime, on the back of a long and thoroughly alarmist speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington by US attorney general Michael Mukasey.

    The general theme is that Mukasey, his law enforcement colleagues, and the US population at large face a global conflux of terrorists, mobsters, east Europeans and LatAm revolutionaries that puts historical threats like the Mafia into the shade.

    On the gangsters-running-commodity-markets theme, the US Department of Justice cites the example of one Semion Mogilevich who, with several members of his criminal organisation who were charged in 2003 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in a 45-count racketeering indictment for their involvement in a sophisticated securities fraud and money laundering scheme.
    Published reports state that since that indictment and being placed on the FBI most-wanted list, Mogilevich has continued to expand his criminal empire, to the point where he is said to exert influence over large portions of the natural gas industry in parts of the former Soviet Union. Many commentators have noted the significant role that area of the world plays in global energy markets. Mogilevich was arrested by Russian police on tax charges in January 2008. Other members of his organization remain at large.

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    When do we see FDAX 7000 again ASusilovic? :)
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    If this is even half true then the solution is easy. These guys are stupid and greedy and no doubt are leveraged to the hilt if they think they have control. Triple margin requirements overnight and if its is speculators or criminals trying to corner the market the price will collapse. If it is legitimare suply and demand prices won't change much.
  4. Just another "false flag" initiated story to distract from the true reality - middle east financial oil wealth entities who have been trading oil futures to the LONG side to support and advance oil prices (which is to their benefit as they sell this commodity at higher prices - double dipping). The sick reality is the U.S. government leadership at ALL LEVELS knows this - America has been conned agained by their leaders (who are bought and paid for - the true criminal syndicate sits in the white house mckinney&hl=en ).
  5. not worried.

    if it was ninjas then i would be very afraid!:eek:
  6. ninjas I'm not afraid of no stinkin ninjas - what worries me is the starving rice zombies sent by the Illuminatti.
  7. Very simple answer :

    dynamic hedge in place, go long, stay long, rest will follow. It`s simple as that.

    That`s why every serious "hedgefund manager" carries the expression "hedge" within his job title...


  8. Rice Zombies...Illuminati...ROFL

  9. organized mobsters controlling oil prices... that is ridiculous.

    would be a great movie though