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  1. Sebelius, WH tactics on ObamaCare dissent “thuggery”

    Last week, I wrote about the threat from Kathleen Sebelius to lock out insurers who dared to dissent from the official ObamaCare line of lower costs and bigger benefits for all. Today, both Michael Barone and the Wall Street Journal attack the White House and Sebelius for their “thuggery” in attempting to silence straightforward and rational criticisms as well as perfectly predictable increases in premium rates from accelerated mandates. Barone calls this an example of “gangster government“:
    The WSJ puts its objections to Sebelius’ “thuggery” in an editorial today:
    The WSJ offers an explanation of this reaction, which is that the Obama administration clearly doesn’t understand risk pools. When one increases the cost in risk pools, premiums go up. Imposing new mandates on coverage increases costs. What’s so difficult to understand about these premium increases?

    Nothing, if one understands the industry and its pricing mechanisms, which the White House obviously does not. They do, however, understand the political costs of rising premiums in the wake of ObamaCare’s passage, and they are using political intimidation to prevent the damage. They have no other way to react; they have locked themselves into a corner with ObamaCare, and contra Nancy Pelosi, the more this rolls out, the more people will understand that the White House has created another way for health costs to go up without delivering better care.

    Yes, this is thuggery, but in a free-market system, it would be an empty threat. This is precisely the reason why government should not run private-sector industries — the management of these systems becomes political rather than fiduciary or achievement based. And it’s started already.
  2. I've been waiting 11 days for approval of an MRI. My doctor keeps sending it in and the insurance company keeps saying that they have never received it. After all these years (46), I think that they are trying to get me to drop the insurance.

    I called the federal insurance fraud line and no one answered the phone.
    Will call my senator next.

    I don't know about you but I need single payer.

    Fuck all these crooks.

    Wait till you loose your home. I lost mine. They paid half and a federal judge threw my case out of court.
  3. Ya right, to tell those poor insurance companies to not raise premiums unjustifiably is thuggery, we all know how fair minded these companies are.

    Meanwhile, this happened before HCR passed, no need for excuses then.

    Policyholders Stunned as Anthem Blue Cross Hikes Individual Plan Premiums Up to 39%

    "why the company is suddenly raising premiums on some customers by up to 39 percent -- more than 10 times the rate of inflation"

    Answer - The increase may be well ahead of national inflation rates, but so are the company's costs, Anthem's vice president, Brad Fluegal, told "Good Morning America."
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    Why do you think premiums have been skyrocketing over the last couple years, you dont think Obamacare had anything to do with it? Did you really think we could add unlimited people to the line, at the same time we allowed all people with pre existing conditions to get insurance, and that the insurers wouldnt have to compensate for this?

    Did you really buy into the dems promise that healthcare costs would come down with Obamacare?

    They are hiking their rates, (and justifiably so) because Obamacare has just given them a ridiculously higher cost of doing business, do you think it is a coincidence that they have been hiking rates drastically ever since the dems started talking about it?

  5. Two years? Where have you been?


    Now, find a way to blame this on 'Obamacare'.
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    Seeing as how your chart goes only to 2004 it is usless, and i would love to see the 20-40% increases per year represented on a 2008 and further chart.

    Plus the fact that healthcare costs were out of control before doesnt change anything, we all knew they were out of control already, so whats the answer from dems? To make them get as far out of control as humanly possible??
  7. I was just pointing out how it has been steadily climbing over the previous decade, it actually looks worse for the 2000-2008 period especially when compared to wage increases.


    The reform was necessary, it should have been passed back in the 90s when Conservative think-tanks were proposing ideas like the public option and things wouldn't have been so bad.
  8. You think 11 days is a long wait?!!! ROFL!!! Just wait till you get your single payer wish granted! LOL!!! 11 months wont seem bad then...

    Changing one set or (partialy accountable) crooks, for another set of ( totally unaccountable) crooks isn't going to advance your interests...

  9. Gosh Phe. You think you are a sage but in actuality, you are more akin the the square root of 2.
  10. I am not some old geezer who needs MRIs because my brain clearly not functioning well. What I am is someone who has lived in different nations, who has seen first hand how various forms of healthcare function in practice, not in theory.

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