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  1. In this topic we are going to review the financial forecast on forex market.
  2. sell GBP/USD
    valid intra day
    Price 2.0100
    TP 2.0050
    SL None
  3. SL None :eek:

    lol, yeah ok

    Here's mine, Buy Usd/Jpy valid intra year, price 104.79, TP 105.29.....SL None :)

    At least with that call you earn interest while you're risking account meltdown :p
  4. Good luck with your order :D
    Mine closed with TP. What about your? :cool:
  5. Order closed.
    50 pp in our moneybox.
    Stop Loss didn't put, because my indicators showed almost absolute probability of an outcome of events in our advantage.
    All who has taken signal, write in the given theme. For my personal statistics. In some hours the new signal will be generated.
  6. It would have worked out fine thanks as you would be able to see if you can read a chart, after all it was an intrayear trade call without a stop, but I think you miss my point. Trading (or making trade calls) without a stop because you think the trade is an "almost absolute probability" isn't the safest or most sensible way to trade. The probabilty might be high in your opinion but no trade is every a certainty therefore it has risk.

    Calculate and manage that risk first before even entering a trade, it's mandatory not optional if you expect to survive in this business. You need to do that anyway otherwise how would you work out trade size?

    This is really basic stuff that every trader should already know before going anywhere near a live account.

    Have you ever heard of something called Sharpe Ratio?
  7. besides, every dog gets his day in the sun...
  8. :D
  9. i just hope he traded that 15min symmetrical triangle on EURJPY at about 11ish GMT time...
  10. Saw it, that's perfection isn't it! And people say 15m price action is just noise and too unpredictable! :)

    I haven't been trading seriously for the past few days, I'm watching my MT4 averaging EA just clocking up pips, 1875 pips in just over a month, 15%......only thing is it's a $500 test account and only trading 4c a pip :(
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