Gaming the Market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by easyrider, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. I like to play chess but I'm not a very good player. I love these java chess programs and when the market is slow I will pull up one of these sites and play. They always beat me the first few times but they are not Big Blue and keep making the same moves so eventually I will figure out how to beat them. I just realized this morning how much this has paralleled my approach to the markets. It used to beat me all the time. Then I started to win an occasional game and over time the wins increased. We are now evenly matched but I am very confident that I will win the war because the market does make the same moves over and over again and I'm a patient man. I have been paper trading for two months now and will start trading cash again Monday. P-K4
  2. anima


    You might be on to something. Chess is a great compliment to trading. They both require stoicism, logic, intuitiveness, patience, forsight, strategy...

    Next time I make a stupid trade, maybe I'll require myself to play 5 games as penance.