games with the E-mini

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by sabena, May 23, 2002.

  1. Maybe he's trying to encourage more sellers into thinking there's going to be a turn down so that the 'pop' is higher when he removes the fake offer. That appears to be the logic. However, someone with an offer 4 ticks away in not making a market and is wasting everyone's time. Whover he is, he can very quickly modify his price so that he's always 2-4 ticks away.
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  2. Hah, he just got filled. Check the one minute bars. There's a huge spike at 2:31 eastern. Now we'll see if he'll make any money.
    #12     May 23, 2002
  3. I think he lost money. The one min bar at 2:40 shows him buying back his losing position (I think).
    #13     May 23, 2002
  4. ddefina


    I hope IB isn't his broker, he might take down my futures account! :D :D

    It's probably that guy from France getting past the margin rules again!
    #14     May 23, 2002
  5. He's back, now he's 5 ticks away. Guess he got burned. He he he. Nows he's gone. Whadda maroon.
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  6. this sounds like an auto execute that is putting up bids and pulling them immidiatly to lure suckers in.


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  7. sabena


    Yeah, he is back at the 1095 price with
    2000 contracts at 15:05....
    #17     May 23, 2002
  8. It seems that some of the time he actually accepts a fill. Look at the volume on the 1 min bars. Can anyone around here take 2000 contracts? Is that you Mr. Greenspan?
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  9. sabena


    At least it's not me, I only play with

    maximum 1000 contract's.....
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  10. Looks like he is auto quoting for an arb.
    #20     May 23, 2002