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  1. Some crazy moves in currency markets earlier today.
    Gold seems like it bottomed for now. NZD, Cable and the other carry currencies all seem to have bottomed as a consequence also. Let see if Gold can keep rallying.
  2. You guys need a trader? I'm looking to take on a $100K remote trading account. My system handles drawdowns successfully.

    Let me know.

  3. Yes we are allways looking for new traders that will be a good addition to our firm
    For more inquiries you can Private Mess or call our office
  4. Michael I checked out your website - all that is very sophisticated to me (I'm a high school drop out - self-taught fx trader).

    Let me ask you a couple simple questions here:

    1) can you provide me $100K to trade with and I keep 1/2 the profits?

    2) can you match my own account capital then I trade it and give you half the profits on your portion?

    3) I only want to trade using my broker - can we still do business?

    4) I won't trade on your demo because I want my trading structure to remain coded - can we still trade your money?

    5) how would all this money transferring stuff be done?

  5. these guys or anyone will give you money

    without you trading in their office for a few months

    at least where they can watch you